“Intelligent Sheepdog Training from the Author of “Sheepdog Training and Trials” and “Practical Shepherding DVD”

NIJ VYAS has over 28 years experience, working with a variety of dog breeds and specialising in training and working herding breeds such as the Border Collies. Having represented England at International level and World Trials, his sheepdogs continue to achieve a high level of success and he aims is to help others achieve the same. He provides a controlled, structured and intelligent sheepdog training courses. He is very experienced at problem-solving, having learned the hard way through perseverance with difficult dogs. Nij offers sheepdog clinics both in the UK and Internationally and is on the panel of judges for the International Sheepdog Society. In 2010 “Sheepdog Training and Trials” was published by Crowood Press and continues to be a success.

In 2015 “Practical Shepherding DVD” was launched as a follow up to the book and is proving very popular internationally.

The Border Collie is the symbol of rural Britain, known for its intelligence, stamina and herding ability and revered for its devotion to duty” (Eric Halsall)


Nursery Champion to 10th at Deerplay

Since winning the Four Nations Championship in March, Cody…

Jake Suffers a Spinal Stroke

  In the first Trial of the season, Jake left my feet…
sheepdog trial four nations

Nij Vyas and Cody are UK Champions

Four Nations Nursery Final 2018 1. Nij Vyas and Cody 181 2.…