Nursery Champion to 10th at Deerplay

Since winning the Four Nations Championship in March, Cody has been rested and occasionally helping with lambing. He has been placed in all but one open this year but to qualify for Deerplay with a mature confident run was a revelation. In the final, Cody negotiated the first gather to the left with help, but the turnback proved difficult. He managed the second gather but it could have been better. Thereafter he negotiated the rest of the course pretty well, although, slipping one at the second gate, but in an attempt to finish in time the shed, pen and single were very substandard. Finishing 10th of the 25 runners was, however, very, credible.

Jake Suffers a Spinal Stroke


In the first Trial of the season, Jake left my feet to gather at a tremendous pace. Thirty yards or so, into his gather he screamed and both his legs were instantly paralysed. This apparently is quite common. He did not require surgery and most dogs make a 95% recovery but are unlikely to work. After an hour or so he regained the use of one leg and was standing. Three days into his recovery he ran out of his kennels and since then I have trusted him to regulate himself. A week later he was back to the sheep, just driving and following with minor flanks. His gate is already much better and there is a flicker of hope. Sadly Jake will not run in the nationals.