Intelligent Sheepdog Training by Nij Vyas

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Letter from Hilary Jones - Organiser - Devon Sheepdog Clinic 2011

Hi Nij,

Here as promised are some comments that I have had from those attending the clinic.

" A really exciting days training. I feel quite inspired by it."
" I so enjoyed the quiet and calm approach to the training - so did my dog"
" This Sunday of training has made me rethink so much about my handling "
" This was the thinking person's guide to dog training and Nij was able to show it works with his own dogs"
" I would love to start a pup again from scratch using the methods that Nij suggested and armed with his book in one hand."
" I loved the way we were shown and told how to work WITH our dogs not AGAINST them. This was intelligent training. "

Devon Sheepdog Clinic


Nigel Tracy Rousell - Sheepdog Experience Day

Many thanks for a truly fascinating and eye opening experience. I found your honesty and passion and refreshing, something I think only true working dog people seem to have, no hidden agendas just down to earth love of your dogs and their ability to please.
I have just seen your book and read a few pages on Amazon I wish I had done this before I visited as I would have pestered you for a signed copy to put with my other books.(Nigel)

Thanks - the photos were great and thanks for such an interesting experience - what a great way to spend a day in the countryside. I knew Border Collies were an intelligent breed, but I was still amazed at what I saw. Nigel is already thinking how he can use some of your techniques with his dogs - quite impressive given the 30 years he's been training! (Tracy)

Nij vyas Sheepdog experience