Sheepdog Training Risk Assessment

Refund and Cancellation Policy

The information on this site is intended to be useful and informative for customers/members of Bertie Dog Training Club and Nij Vyas Sheepdogs. We will use reasonable care to ensure that information is accurate at the time it is added on the site.

Please note, however, that Bertie Dog Training Club or Nij Vyas cannot guarantee the information is accurate and it shall not be liable for any losses or damage that anyone may suffer as a result of relying on this information. The information may be changed by us at any time.

Heavy Handed Training Methods

Members are also reminded not to follow/apply heavy handed methods of dog training, correction or rehabilitation as the potential for harm to you, your dog, family members and friends is far greater than the benefits that are to be had.

Please also be wary of any gadgets you use as without the correct use problems can arise. If in doubt please ask for advice.

Cancellation of sessions for Sheep Awareness- Experience Days and Sheepdog Training

Sheepdog Training sessions may be cancelled and re-arranged provided I receive your instruction no less than 48 hours before the course time. Cancellations on the day of the session may incur the full cost of the session or result in a reduced subsequent session. Please be aware that I have to travel 10 miles to attend training sessions and late cancellations can be costly in terms of diesel used.

Cancelaltions where advanced bookings of two months or more have been made will only be accepted if two weeks notice is given, to enable me to fill the slot.

Sheepdog Experience Days may be cancelled and rearranged however cancellations within 30 days of the arranged session will not qualify for a refund.

To ensure we receive your message please telephone us and not email. Deposits will only be refunded where adequate notice is given.


  • Refund Sheepdog training
  • Refund Sheepdog experience Day
  • Refunds Sheep Worrying
Refunds will be considered for cancellations due to injury/exceptional personal circumstances. Refunds will not be forthcoming where notice is less than 48 hours. In circumstances where a dog has been injured the onus will be on the client to keep me informed although I will make attempts to contact you. If you fail to make contact within a three month period no refund will be forthcoming. Where no circumstances are identified a refund will not be considered. If there is no response to contact from me refunds will not be considered. Where possible alternative session times will be offered where regular contact has been maintained by the client. Where sessions have not been paid for in advance the clients will be invoiced if sufficient notice is not given for cancellation.

Refunds will not be offered after 14 days of purchase. Where re-arrangements are offered please be aware that due to pre-bookings there may be a considerable delay. In the event that one partner or family member cannot attend it is acceptable for you to bring someone else, provided we are informed in advance and their details are provided, and they are informed of the risks.

Refunds will be considered with respect to four sessions being booked for sheep awareness courses only but please be aware that the sessions you have had prior to cancellation will incur the full charge and not the discounted charge. Therefore a single visit will cost £145. Please note in any event the refunds made will be as follows:

One session £26.66
Two sessions £53.33
Three sessions £80

Risk Assessment

We endeavour to ensure that your experience with us is a safe and pleasant one; please take note of the following:

In the winter the ground can be wet and slippery so please ensure that appropriate footwear and clothing is worn.

Please would you also ensure that you do not approach the dogs or livestock without prior consent as working dogs can sometimes act in an unpredictable manner as can sheep. By avoiding both hand, eye contact and bending over them you will ensure that the dogs maintain their healthy respect and trust in you. A wagging tail does not always signify a friendly dog.
Please refrain from allowing dogs to meet without prior permission from owners.

Where possible the dangers will be pointed out to you at the beginning of sessions. Parents are asked to discuss these points with their children prior to arriving. If you have any disability or injury please inform us in advance similarly I you have concerns.


All care is taken to ensure that the welfare of the sheep and dogs is paramount however if any injury does occur to sheep that requires veterinary treatment the owner of the dog shall be liable for the costs. Please rest assured that on the whole it is very rare for injuries to ocur and treatment is administered in house.

We accept no responsibility where the above advice is breached for any accidents or injuries sustained or for any damage to property. Children must be supervised at all times by their parents. By booking with us it is understood that you agree and abide by the above risk assessment.
Last reviewed 20/06/2013

Personal Health and Fitness

Sheepdog training is a very physically demanding activity and as such you should ensure that you are fit enought to undertake training. If you have any health concerns or injuries please discuss theses with me prior to training. It is a common occurence for sheep to run into you or run towards you and you should prepare yourself for this. Undertaking warm-up and cool-down exercises will help prevent injury. Wearing suitable waterproof clothing and boots or wellingtons will help you stsay dry and warm.