About Me

“Incredibly knowledgeable, dedicated and welcoming. Spending time with Nij was the most valuable thing we have done for our young border collie, taking him from being a fearful reactive dog, to a calm and responsive boy.”

Nij Vyas: Experienced Dog Trainer and Sheepdog Trialist | Achieving Global Success

With 32 years of experience, Nij Vyas has established himself as a renowned dog trainer and sheepdog triallist. Moreover, he has represented England in international trials, garnering worldwide success. Notably, Nij emerged as the champion in the inaugural Four Nations Nursery Final in 2018 alongside his talented dog, Cody. Furthermore, in 2022, his young dogs Pip and Cap secured top positions in the Derbyshire, Cheshire, and Staffordshire Nurseries. Adding to his accomplishments, his dog Lara was recognized as Reserve English National Champion and farmers champion in the same year, qualifying him for the 2023 World Sheepdog Trials in Ireland.

Sheepdog Trials Judge

Nij’s high regard in the industry is evidenced by his valued membership on the ISDS panel of judges. He has officiated renowned events such as the English National Sheepdog Trial and the esteemed BBC program, One Man And His Dog. Additionally, Nij showcased his exceptional skills in both singles and doubles competitions during the 2020 edition of One Man And His Dog.

Nij’s Wide Knowledge and Experience

Nij’s expertise extends beyond sheepdog training, encompassing various services for all dog breeds:

  • Pet Dog Training: Establish a harmonious relationship with your dog through effective training techniques.
  • Behaviour Consultations: Receive expert guidance to address and overcome your dog’s behavioral issues.
  • Sheepdog Training: Benefit from comprehensive training to help your four-legged companion excel in this specialized field.
  • National and International Clinics: Attend informative and engaging clinics where Nij shares his knowledge and experience with dog owners and trainers worldwide.

Sheepdog Training Philosophy

Nij’s training philosophy places utmost importance on understanding and nurturing the unique strengths and abilities of each dog. This philosophy emphasizes fostering a partnership between handlers and dogs. Additionally, Nij’s firsthand experience as a farmer, working alongside 160 Swaledale and Scottish Blackface sheep, further reinforces his belief that effective dog training relies on a deep understanding of dogs and their innate capabilities.

Experience the transformative power of Nij Vyas’ training methods and cultivate a strong partnership with your beloved four-legged companion. Don’t hesitate to contact us today to take the first step towards a brighter future.

Bertie Dog Training – Formed by Nij and Jo Vyas 1991

“As an owner of 3 large labradoodles I couldn’t be more impressed with the techniques Nij has passed onto me. I’ve completed 4 home visits with Nij and my dogs are actually listening (without me having to shout at them) and I am able to walk all three dogs on lead together – and that was after one session”

Nij Vyas and his wife Jo formed Bertie Dog Training 21 years ago with the following aims in mind:

  • To offer a simplified and common sense approach to pet dog owners
  • To maintain a friendly atmosphere where humour was an essential ingredient

They offer a truly unique training experience and client testimonials support this. Their success has been built on providing a structured and individual program of training with support to our clients always on tap.

Sheepdog Training and Trials

In July 2010 Nij’s first book “Sheepdog Training and Trials” was published by Crowood Press and received 5 star reviews from both Border Collie owners and competitors, as wells as owners of other dog breeds.

Practical Shepherding DVD

In 2015 “Practical Shepherding” was launched following Todd and Mist as puppies through to useful working adults. A second follow up DVD will follow shortly.

Practical Sherpherding is now available as an online course.