About Me

“Incredibly knowledgeable, dedicated and welcoming. Spending time with Nij was the most valuable thing we have done for our young border collie, taking him from being a fearful reactive dog, to a calm and responsive boy.”

Nij has been a dog trainer and sheepdog trialist for 29 years and has obtained success all over the World. He has represented England at international trials and was part of the England team that won the team event at the 2017 World Sheepdog trials in the Netherlands. In 2018 Nij became the first champion at the inaugural Four Nations Nursery Final, with Cody.

As well as competing, Nij is a member of the ISDS panel of judges and has previously judged the English National Sheepdog Trial and BBC’s One Man And His Dog. Nij also competed in the 2020 BBC One Man and His Dog Program in both Singles and Doubles competitions.

Nij works with all breeds of dog in many different capacities including

  • Pet dog training
  • Behaviour consultations
  • Sheepdog training
  • National and international clinics

With 160 Scottish Blackface sheep, Nij’s dogs have to be able to cope with the rigours of farming on a daily basis. To overcome the challenges of farming, effective dog trainers place greater emphasis on understanding dogs and utilising their strengths rather than changing them. The training process is a partnership and the handlers role is to guide and nurture.

Bertie Dog Training – Formed by Nij and Jo Vyas 1991

“As an owner of 3 large labradoodles I couldn’t be more impressed with the techniques Nij has passed onto me. I’ve completed 4 home visits with Nij and my dogs are actually listening (without me having to shout at them) and I am able to walk all three dogs on lead together – and that was after one session”

Nij Vyas and his wife Jo formed Bertie Dog Training 21 years ago with the following aims in mind:

  • To offer a simplified and common sense approach to pet dog owners
  • To maintain a friendly atmosphere where humour was an essential ingredient

They offer a truly unique training experience and client testimonials support this. Their success has been built on providing a structured and individual program of training with support to our clients always on tap.

Sheepdog Training and Trials

In July 2010 Nij’s first book “Sheepdog Training and Trials” was published by Crowood Press and received 5 star reviews from both Border Collie owners and competitors, as wells as owners of other dog breeds.

Practical Shepherding DVD

In 2015 “Practical Shepherding” was launched following Todd and Mist as puppies through to useful working adults. A second follow up DVD will follow shortly.

Practical Sherpherding is now available as an online course.