Online Sheepdog Training

Practical Shepherding

“This is an original, thought-provoking and beautifully filmed video showing useful methods and techniques not covered before on training DVD’s.”

Nij has been a dog trainer and sheepdog trialist for 29 years and has obtained success all over the World. He has represented England at international trials and was part of the England team that won the team event at the 2017 World Sheepdog trials in the Netherlands. In 2018 Nij became the first champion at the inaugural Four Nations Nursery Final, with Cody.

As well as competing, Nij is a member of the ISDS panel of judges and has previously judged the English National Sheepdog Trial and BBC’s One Man And His Dog. Nij also competed in One Man And His Dog in 2020.

Nij believes that to be successful you have to look at your own failings and effective dog trainers place greater emphasis on understanding dogs rather than change. He views the training process as a partnership.

About the Course

Practical Shepherding is a comprehensive online course that provides guidance on selecting and training a sheepdog for farm work and sheepdog trials. Nij demonstrates many techniques and methods which have proven so successful in building strong foundations and trust with his dogs.

There are clear diagrams, guidance notes and tips to make it easy to follow and apply the methods. There is also an accompanying booklet providing further notes and clarification of the points contained in each chapter. It is ideal for both newcomers training their first dogs and experienced handlers who are experiencing problems.

The chapters follow Todd and Mist over 18 months from birth, their first time with sheep, and culminating in working on a sixty-acre park with a large flock. Whilst Mist lacks confidence early on, Todd is more feisty and challenging. The subject of gripping sheep, amongst many others, is discussed at length. There is something here for everyone.

You can either rent individual chapters for 30 days or the complete collection for 12 months.

The video Chapters included are: Choosing a Puppy – Obedience Training – Whistle Commands – Gripping and Confidence – The Round Pen – Training In An Open Field – Extending the Outrun and Flockwork.

“Very successful and complete introduction to the training of border collies. The DVD is for both the novice and experienced handler a huge source of very useful information”