Practical Shepherding DVD by Nij Vyas

A Systematic Guide to Sheepdog Training

Practical Shepherding provides comprehensive guidance on selecting and training a sheepdog for farm work and sheepdog trials. Nij demonstrates many techniques and methods which have proven so successful in building strong foundations and trust with his dogs.

International buyers, please be aware that the DVD is PAL.

Sheepdog training and Trials Published by Crowood Press

A Complete Guide for Border Collie Handlers and Enthusiasts

“Sheepdog Training and Trials is for all dogs and dog lovers not just for sheepdog owners and enthusiasts” – Amazon Review

“This comprehensive, invaluable book describes innovative ways of training sheepdogs. It addresses a number of subjects that have not been adequately covered in previous publications, such as:

  • Working with sensitive dogs
  • Dogs lacking in confidence
  • The square movement method
  • The concepts of opposites.