The Perfect Partnership Online

All Aspects Of Sheepdog Training for Puppies.

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A Comprehensive Guide to Training Your Puppy to Herd Sheep.

This series of 10 videos have been filmed and devised to provide comprehensive and minute detail in various aspects of a puppy’s upbringing including the first steps with sheep.  You can purchase individual chapters  however all of the videos are interlinked with the same/similar themes running through them, therefore by purchasing individual chapters may not provide the complete picture or information you are looking for. The common themes are  “the stop, recall, empathy, clicker training and in general guidance and nurturing”. The overall aim is to build a strong and everlasting bond where sheep work is seen as a partnership and beautiful poetic art form with no place for antiquated old fashioned methods.  By using our methods you will not only provide a totally fail safe environment for training, but also, you will greatly minimise the problems you are likely to face in the future. The carefully edited compilation of videos consciously includes the highs and the lows, to demonstrate how mistakes and problems are turned into learning opportunities. The use of Clicker training is novel to sheepdog training but widely used in many other disciplines with great success.

The Video Chapters included are:

The Perfect Partnership Trailer

Clicker Training

Training At Mealtimes

Lead and Collar Training

Kennel and Crate training

Achieving Perfect Recalls

Teaching the Stand & Down

The Perfect Partnership Parts 1 and 2

The Beginning of a New Chapter

You can rent the complete chapter for 12 months or any individual chapter for 3 months. Nearly 3 hours of footage!

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“Very successful and complete introduction to the training of border collies. The DVD is for both the novice and experienced handler a huge source of very useful information”