International Sheepdog Training Clinics

Sheepdog Training Clinics

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International Clinics

Enquiries about International Sheepdog Training Clinics are welcome. Sheepdog training is growing in popularity across the world with some 30 countries participating in trials competition. Clinics are usually held between February and May or after September to November but other dates are considered dependant on weather. Please email enquiries to requests fact sheet, containing the relevant information about organising a clinic.

UK Clinics

Clinics are also held in the UK with greater flexibility on dates. Occasionally I organise training clinics at my home venue in Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire. If you have never organised a clinic before and would like to discuss what is involved, please give me a call.

The clinics are very popular and with only a restricted number offered each year, it is crucial to book early. Considerable financial savings are to be had on flight bookings by booking in advance.

You can read our reviews and testimonials below as well as watch interviews with clinic organisers and participants, to give you an idea of what to expect.

Testimonials from International Training Clinics

“My new Bible… thank you so much Nij Vyas it’s been the most wonderful Clinic ever! I learned so much from you in these days! Your words were so inspiring!!!”

Thank you so much, Nij Vyas, for such a special couple of days! I have enjoyed all the talks, information and your tips and tricks! Hope to see you again soon!!

“Nij thank you for your help but most of all for showing me that I can be the kind of handler I want to be with Murphy!
You gave me a lot to think about”

“Lots of advice and new inspiration, thank, you Nij”

Dutch Clinic 2018

Dutch Sheepdog Clinic

Video Interviews from Clinics