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Discover the immense advantages of online sheepdog training. Accessible from any location with an internet signal, this training method accommodates various media platforms such as TV, desktop computers, iPads, and phones. By utilizing online sheepdog training, you can conveniently review and correct training elements while working with your pup, ensuring a seamless and error-free training experience.

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Practical Shepherding Dvd – Witness remarkable success stories through our practical sheepdog training resources. Meet Todd and Mist, who achieved remarkable milestones in their careers. Mist secured third place in the 2019 English Nationals, while Todd was an integral part of the gold-winning English team at the 2017 World Sheepdog Trials. In 2020, Todd even featured in BBC’s renowned One Man And His Dog Program, excelling in both Singles and Brace competitions.

The Perfect partnership Online Course

Experience the Perfect Partnership with our newest online Course. Enroll in our comprehensive online sheepdog training course, featuring the incredible journey of Cap and Pip from just 8 weeks of age. Beginning their training at nurseries, Cap and Pip quickly rose to prominence, securing the top two positions in the aggregate of the Derbyshire, Cheshire, and Staffordshire Nursery season. Their success continued as they effortlessly qualified for the English Nationals and consistently triumphed in open trials, frequently earning coveted prizes. Cap, aged only 3 years old, will be representing England at the 2023 World Sheepdog Trials.Both he and Pip will run in the Singles at the English Nationals in 2023 whilst Pip will also accompany Lara in the brace competition. 

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We are offering a £5 discount if you purchase the complete bundle for Practical Shepherding and The Perfect Partnership.

Nij Vyas is a highly experienced dog trainer and sheepdog trialist with a successful career spanning 29 years. He has achieved international recognition, representing England at trials and being part of the winning team at the 2017 World Sheepdog Trials in The Netherlands. In 2018, Nij became the first champion at the inaugural Four Nations Nursery Final with Cody. He also won the qualifier at the English Nationals in 2019 and finished 3rd overall with Mist. In 2022, Nij was Reserve English national Champion and English Farmers Champion. He will represent England again at the World Sheepdog Trials in 2023 with his 3-year-old dog, Cap.

Nij is also a respected member of the ISDS panel of judges and has previously judged the English National Sheepdog Trial and the BBC’s One Man And His Dog. In 2020, he even competed in One Man And His Dog, participating in the singles and brace competitions.

Nij believes that to be successful, one must acknowledge their own shortcomings. He emphasizes understanding dogs rather than imposing change and considers the training process as a partnership. Nij is always seeking to improve his training methods and stays up to date with modern techniques to ensure a high-quality training experience.