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Benefits of Online Sheepdog Training

Online sheepdog training can have many benefits. You can access it from anywhere there is internet signal and on a variety of media such as Tv, Desktop Computer, iPad or Phone. This means that you can always check elements of training whilst you are training your pup  and ensure that you minimise mistakes.

What if I don’t want to work my dog with sheep.

Many people have Border Collies but do not wish to train them to herd sheep. However the essential ingredients of working a dog with sheep are the”stop” and “recall” which are exactly the same as any pet dog with a high chase and prey drive, so the ability to achieve these quickly is a must. The chapters on starting with sheep are just as relevant to non working dogs as working dogs because they all have the same instincts. Many of our clients report how our methods have helped them achieve success. When a collie can’t work sheep, it looks for substitutes and these can include: birds, squirrels, rabbits, cars treats or toys or any livestock. Our online sheepdog training course will enable you to strengthen your bond with your puppy and to achieve a good stop and recalls with them, ensuring their safety.

Sheepdog Training Video Library

In addition to Practical Shepherding – A Systematic Guide to Shepherding  we have now added to our library of videos with a brand new series of 10 videos, under the heading of  “The Perfect Partnership”. They concentrates on the early stages of upbringing and introduction to sheep. You can buy them under their individual titles online or as a bundle of all 21 videos at a reduced price. Nij has been unreserved in sharing all his knowledge so that others may benefit and enjoy the same success he has done.

Practical Shepherding Online series has proved very popular all over the world and continues to sell well. We featured two dogs: Todd and Mist who were selected at 7 weeks of age, using the Volhard Test. Both have gone on to achieving significant success. Todd was part of the winning England Team at the World Sheepdog Trials in 2017 in The Netherlands whilst Mist won the qualifier at the English National in 2019 and finished third overall. Todd also ran in the singles and brace competitions on BBC’s One Man And His Dog in 2020.


We are offering a £5 discount if you purchase the complete bundle for Practical Shepherding and The Perfect Partnership.

About Nij Vyas

Nij Vyas has been a dog trainer and sheepdog trialist for 29 years and has obtained success all over the World. He has represented England at international trials and was part of the winning England team at the 2017 World Sheepdog Trials in The Netherlands. In 2018 Nij became the first champion at the inaugural Four Nations Nursery Final, with Cody.

Nij is also a member of the ISDS panel of judges and has previously judged the English National Sheepdog Trial and BBC’s One Man And His Dog. He also competed in One Man And His Dog in 2020, in the singles and brace competitions.

To be successful you have to look at your own failings and effective dog trainers place greater emphasis on understanding dogs rather than change. Nij views the training process as a partnership. He constantly looks to evolve the methods he uses to train dogs and keeps abreast of modern training techniques so he can provide a quality training experience.