Terms and Conditions – Risk Assessment

Date Reviewed – 05/04/2024


Are valid for 12 months. Clients are reminded to book a date as soon as possible or to remind the recipient of the voucher to do so, to avoid disappointment. In exceptional circumstances where you are unable to book a date inside the 12 months contact must still be made in writing explaining the reasons. If no contact is made within the 12 months your voucher will be out of date and an extra charged will be levied to extend it as below. Vouchers issued before the above date will only be valid for 6 months.

Expired Vouchers

You may extend your voucher at an additional cost of £25pp if it is within 14 days of expiration. Following that the cost will be £30pp.  Dates cannot be booked until such time that this additional payment is received.


Refunds will not be offered after 14 days of purchase. All cases will be considered on merit. Where re-arrangements are offered please be aware that due to pre-bookings there may be a considerable delay. In the event that one partner or family member cannot attend it is acceptable for you to bring someone else, provided we are informed in advance and their details are provided, and they are informed of the risks. Vouchers purchased from one of our agents such as Into the Blue or Experience days will be subject to their terms and conditions as well as our own. Should the vouchers expire you may apply for an extension at an additional cost of £25  for a further 6 months if it is within 14 days of expiration. Following that the cost will be £30pp.

Cancellation and Rescheduling

Sheepdog Experience Days may be cancelled and rearranged however cancellations within 30 days of the arranged session will not qualify for a refund. Cancellations for individual bookings within 30 days will also not qualify for rescheduling unless I am able to fill the vacant slot. In such events, I will contact you at the earliest.

Method of Communication

To ensure we receive your message please telephone us and not email.

Risk Assessment
We endeavour to ensure that your experience with us is a safe and pleasant one; please take note of the following:

In the winter the ground can be wet and slippery so please ensure that appropriate footwear and clothing is worn.

Please, would you also ensure that you do not approach the dogs or livestock without prior consent as working dogs can sometimes act in an unpredictable manner as can sheep? By avoiding both hands, eye contact and bending over them you will ensure that the dogs maintain their healthy respect and trust in you. A wagging tail does not always signify a friendly dog.
Contrary to popular belief it is normal for dogs not to welcome unwanted hand contact or invasion of personal space, just as it is for people.

Where possible the dangers will be pointed out to you at the beginning of sessions. Parents are asked to discuss these points with their children prior to arriving. If you have any disability or injury please inform us in advance similarly If you have concerns.

Sheep can also behave unpredictably due to their reaction to people, dogs or the weather so please take care. Wherever possible risks will be pointed out but surprise elements are not always possible to predict.

Hands on Experience

All experience days will involve a hands on element however from tme to time dogs may suffer injuries and it mgiht not be possible to offer this. If this poses a problem please let us know in advance. If any participant puts either the dogs or sheep at risk then this element will be cut short.

In the event that the weather is extremely hot the welfare of the dogs will determine how long they are able to work.

On occasions the hands on aspect will involve working with the sheep. If you are pregnant please advise in advance as you should avoiud contact with pregnant ewes or lambs.