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Young Farmers from Myerscough AC

Had a wonderful opportunity to meet students from Myerscough Agricultural College, Lancashire, at Launde today . I give a short demonstration with Todd and the Aberfield sheep that are being piloted here. Having found it very hard to get advice when I first started I made it my goal in life to to be generous […]

Nursery Champion to 10th at Deerplay

Since winning the Four Nations Championship in March, Cody has been rested and occasionally helping with lambing. He has been placed in all but one open this year but to qualify for Deerplay with a mature confident run was a revelation. In the final, Cody negotiated the first gather to the left with help, but […]

Jake Suffers a Spinal Stroke

  In the first Trial of the season, Jake left my feet to gather at a tremendous pace. Thirty yards or so, into his gather he screamed and both his legs were instantly paralysed. This apparently is quite common. He did not require surgery and most dogs make a 95% recovery but are unlikely to […]

Nij Vyas and Cody are UK Champions

Four Nations Nursery Final 2018 1. Nij Vyas and Cody 181 2. Kevin Evans and Tim 178 3. Ned O Keefe and Dark 174 4. Angie Driscoll and Aron 172 5. Peter Martin and Daisy 170 6. Michael Gallagher and Coin 170 Scotland won the team event.