Reserve National Brace Champions.

Kemi Lara and Pip become Reserve English National Brace Champions and qualify to run at the International in Ireland. They came to either just a year ago and progress has been thwarted by Lara who continues to feel the after effects of her dislocated wrist. Just as she did last year Lara managed to pull one out of the bag and rise to the challenge. Working on 10 Swales that were testing and strong minded to say the least the dogs worked incredibly hard to take them round the course and successfully achieve both pens. Prior to this they first competed a year ago with Pip gripping at Macclesfield in 2022. Since then they had three brace runs in a week this August and grew in confidence. Winning one, coming second and the third one, at Vivod , being a demonstration. I have to admit running brace is incredible fun and a good test of one’s sanity.

The Perfect Partnership

The Perfect Partnership Trailer

Trip Advisor Travelers' Choice Award

Top 10% of Attractions in the World 2019 and 2020

I am very proud to have received the Tripadvisor  Travellers’ Choice 2020 Award which puts the Nij Vyas Sheepdog experience in the Top 10% of Attractions in the World. This is a tremendous achievement. I have been running the experience days for members of the non-farming community for over 20 years and the event is becoming more and more popular. Held at Launde Abbey and surrounding countryside this is a very “honest” experience where participants are given a full taste of what makes the Border Collie dog the world’s premier herding dog. The scenery is beautiful and the food at Launde is of very high quality and reasonably priced. The experience involves demonstrations with 4 of Nij’s successful winning dogs working the 60-acre parkland at Launde working a commercial flock of Aberfield sheep, which are testing, and make for an entertaining day.  Clients are given hands-on experience also working with Jake and Mist, both of whom have represented England. They are also informed about sheep and dog Psychology and how young dogs start out with sheep. The day is popular whether you have dogs or not and having up to 500 sheep run towards you can be exhilarating and exciting.